Crisis Blog 6: Domino’s Pizza

Two individuals that worked at a Domino’s Pizza in North Carolina made a video with them both doing disgusting things to the Domino’s food that they were allegedly going to serve. However, they claim that this food was not served to actual customers. Both individuals are facing criminal charges for this act. There are many different videos that have been placed all over the internet of them doing these acts to the food at Domino’s but most of them are being taken down. There is a news broadcast that discusses both of the participants involved and what happened on this video they made.

Why does this involve public relations? How would you handle this if you were a public relations professional working for Domino’s Pizza?

This is a major issue that public relations professionals face everyday because the brand of the company that they work for is just as important as the company. This video surfaced on the internet with numerous Domino’s customers being able to view it. This is going to hurt the reputation of the company as well as drastically affect the sales.

This is what Patrick Doyle, President of Domino’s Pizza had to say in response to the situation.

Within his statement Doyle does say that the store was shut down and sanitized. This is something that showed the public that he was aware of the problem and also taking the appropriate actions in order to make sure this store was clean. He also discuss how they are going to reevaluate how they hire new employees so individuals like these will not be allowed on the Domino’s Team. When Doyle says, “It sickens me that the actions of two individuals could impact our great system”. I believe this statement to the public was effective and reassure individuals that were bothered by this incident. Doyle was honest, informative, and motivated the correct the problem that took place in North Carolina at a local Domino’s Pizza.

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