PRSA Real World Conference in Atlanta

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Real World Conference in Atlanta, GA on February 20, 2009. I had such a valuable experience while at this conference, I want to share it with everyone. At the opening of this conference, three representatives from CNN were present disucssing social media and the effects it had on the presidential election in 2008 compared to the election in 2004. It was interesting to see how times have changed and how public relations specifically had an effect on this. Social media is exploding!! Social media sites including: WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, PROpenMic, and LinkedIn are becoming more popular and you here about these sites everywhere now! They posed questions regarding journalism such as, “Where is print journalism going?” and “What are the effects of citizen journalism? Good or bad?” Some of these questions really make you think about the industry of public relations because it is so important to see where the industry is going so you can go with them.

I was educated about public relations internships available in the Atlanta area. This was extremely beneficial to me because that is where I want to go after graduation in May 2009. I had such an amazing experience networking with public relations professionals from Atlanta. I was fortunate enough to here professionals discuss many different areas of public relations including: non-profit, hospitality, travel, tourism, corporate social responsibility, and agencies. This helped me the most. I actually went into the conference being almost dead set on one specific type of public relations and left feeling completely different. I had no idea this conference would have such an impact on me, but trust me, I am very grateful.

Networking with educated and experienced public relations professionals was my favorite part. Everyone was warm, welcome, and willing to talk to you about anything. I learned skills regarding resume writing, cover letters, interview skills, and how exactly to network. I recommend attending this conference to anyone who is a PR major (junior or senior). It takes place once a year, every Spring semester. If you weren’t there this year, make sure you remember next year. I finally got the opportunity to see the light into public relations and you don’t want to miss that, I promise.

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