My Social Media Policy

1. Connecting: Introduce yourself and tell me why you want to connect

Personally, I would like an introduction from new followers within social media. Most of the time, when I have been connecting with people from different social media websites, I have not actually met these people face-to-face so having an introduction would be extremely helpful. This introduction would inform me of their name, what they do, and what company or corporation they work for. Having individuals state why they would like to connect with me would also be helpful even if there is not a particular reason why.

2. Follow, add, friend: How to handle your friends in social media

My procedure on friending can depend on the social media outlet. For example, on Twitter I have the followers that I follow on a regular basis but at time I notice that individuals following me are sometimes greater than the number of people I am following. Every so often, I look at this number and review the list of people I have following me. At this time, I see people who are following me that I don’t personally know and I decide if I want to follow them in return. If they have an interest in my major (public relations) or have similarities with me, then I follow them. You can always stop following people that you are not interested in if you chose to do so.

3. Privacy, boundaries and safety: Better safe than sorry

I am certain boundaries depending on the individual and the social network. For example, on facebook, my profile is set to private. No one can view my profile unless I am friends with them. I recently went through my facebook and deleted individuals that I did not know. Because I had never done this before, I found a lot of people that I did not actually know and never conversed with. After doing that, I knew that the people I had on my friends list were only people that I was close with. If I get a friend request from people that I don’t want them to see my whole profile, I put certain privacy settings in place. For example, I had a mom of a friend of mine ask me to be her friend and I accepted but I made it possible for her to not look at my wall posts or pictures for my own personal reasons.

4. Signal to noise: Pretty easy going

I honestly don’t have strong feelings about frequent updates on individuals status or tweets. If I am uninterested I can either ignore their posts or choose not to follow them. Usually, if there is a specific function going on, I know and understand there will a lot of messages distributed on this topic. I either skim through the messages if I have an interest, or simply ignore them.

5. Personal data and sharing: Who I want to connect with

I want to connect with people that I have similar interests with. I enjoy being connected to my friends so I can talk to them through social networks, mostly because of the convince. On a professional level, I am interesting in connecting to people who share the same goals as me. Students close to graduation majoring in Communication or Public Relations and have hopes of getting a job after school. I also like to connect with professionals in the workforce already. They have a unique view of the industry and can provide me with helpful hints on what to expect and what situations I may be presented with.

6. My networking needs and uses: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

My use on different social networks changes dramatically depending on the website. I use facebook strictly for my friends. I talk to my friends, upload pictures, and just have personal fun on this site. I do not use facebook for any professional or academic reasons. To me, Twitter is a mix between personal and professional use. I have some friends on Twitter that I converse with and other people that I am connected with on a professional level. These are PR professionals that can offer me a view into public relations. Linked In is a site that I only use for professional reasons. I put my work experience on this website and connect with people that are in the work force and are strictly professionals.

7. Picture Policy: Be Professional

One piece of advice I have to offer pertains to your profile picture. First, Don’t ever put private pictures on the internet if you don’t want people to see them. They will end up seeing them. Also, make your picture appropriate to the social media website. For facebook, because I use this for my friends, it is appropriate to have a picture of me and my girlfriends as my profile picture. But that picture would not be appropriate to use on LinkedIn or Twitter because those sites I use more for a professional atmosphere.

8. Be Aware: Keep an eye on what other people do

Although you can’t always control what other people do on social networking sites, it won’t hurt to keep watch on it. Especially on facebook, you do not have control over what certain people post of your wall or even pictures they upload with you in them. If you keep a conscious effort to look at what other people are uploading, this can help you. You may have time to delete inappropriate comments or delete pictures that you do not want associated with your specific page.

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