Would I want to work for Starbucks?

After thorough research done on Starbucks Coffee Company, would I want to work in Starbucks Communications Department? I have learned about their history and how Starbucks has become the number one coffee house in the world. I have an understanding on which model of PR the company is using and how it has caused numerous benefits. This Fortune 500 company has many loyal employees and customers which very important in leading to the major success of Starbucks. Over the years, Starbucks has won many awards for being an outstanding company.

I would love to work for this company one day. They were 7 on the Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2008. Who would not want to work there? They offer full-time insurance benefits for part-time employees. Also, they have an incredible record of being environmentally friendly and recycling which is very important to me. This company has a website where customers can log on, connect with others, get inspired, and then take action. Starbucks V2V is enabling individuals to take action in their own community making it a better place. Starbucks is the type of company that you can tell truly cares about their employees and customers. They have even developed a website where you as customers can sign on and make personal suggestions on how to make Starbucks products and company better.

Starbucks has shown their involvement and concern for all of their publics. This is why I would love to work for them. They are very active in the communication to the public and keeping everyone up to date with information, even if it may be bad. For example, when 600 stores were closing in the United States, Starbucks distributed press releases with this information for their publics to know. That is a quality that some companies do not possess and that is the type of company that everyone wants to work for because you know they are honest.

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