Which model of PR is Starbucks using?

James Gruing and Todd Hunt have identified four models of public relations that practitioners may use including: Press Agent/Publicity Model, Public Information Model, Two-Way Asymmetric Model, and Two-Way Symmetric. Many companies use different models of public relations. Starbucks uses the Two-Way Symmetric Model of PR.

This Model is defined as:

“The PR practitioner conducts research to determine the views of a particular constituency and then uses that information to help achieve the objectives of both the client organization and the constituency. Commentary: This is the approach that will most often produce a win-win outcome. It can be useful in conflict resolution and in any public relations program. It can help address ethical questions, including that of advocacy versus objectivity, by looking at the interests of both the client organization and its constituencies. ” (Doorley & Garcia 2007, p. 75).

This model of PR by Gruing and Hunt is assumed to be the most successful. I believe this model of PR includes the amount and consistency of communication coming from a company to their publics. Because there is a large amount of research conducted by the company, communication is a key element. Taking this research will help gain company wide goals. The reason that I believe Starbucks is using this model of PR is because they are constantly doing research to find out what their customers think and how they are able to make their company and products better. The recent development of MyStarbucksIdea is a perfect example of Starbucks doing research about their customers. This is a website where costumers can sign on, nominate and discuss ideas to make Starbucks products and company better. Taking this automatic feedback and putting it into action displays how Starbucks is using the Two-Way Symmetric Model of PR. By demonstrating this amount of communication and feedback, it will help in conflict management and overall company goals.

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Doorley, J. & Garcia, H. F. (2007). Reputation management: the key to successful public relations and corporate communication. United States: Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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