Starbucks Publics

Starbucks Coffee Company is a large and successful Fortune 500 international company. Their many loyal employees and customers have contributed to this success. From the Annual Report of 2007, there were currently 170,000 partners (employees), over 15,000 stores in 43 different countries. Starbucks is well known for their outstanding customer relations. In 2007, Starbucks received the award of being 7 in 100 best companies to work for done by Fortune Magazine. This was an amazing honor and truly demonstrated how wonderful they deal with their employees. They offer many benefits including insurance for even part-time employees. Benefits can make their employees more productive and satisfied with their job.

Apart from their amazing employees at Starbucks, one of their major publics is their customers. Without these customers that are very loyal to the Starbucks brand, the company would not be as successful as it is today. Many Starbucks customers have common interests of their products and atmosphere. Certain individuals may come to Starbucks because they love the products and need a quick coffee everyday; therefore, they come in and out and do not participate in the atmosphere at the coffee shop.

On the contrary, other Starbucks customers come to the stores simply for the atmosphere. They enjoy the laid back and relaxing appeal that Starbucks has to offer. This is a place where individuals can come, get a coffee product, relax, socialize, catch up with friends, and even get on-line for business or pleasure. Because of the neutrality of the coffee shop, it is very common to set work-related meetings or even interviews taking place at any of Starbucks locations.

All of Starbucks publics make up their company and contribute to their major success. With the helpful and pleasant employees, loyal customers, and even stock holders that appreciate the Starbucks brand, these publics make up the company because without them, Starbucks would not be where they are today.

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