How is Starbucks involved in their Communities?

Starbucks is very involved within their communities. A recent way that Starbucks displayed their involvement within the community was on election day. On November 4th, if you voted in the election, all you had to do was come into any Starbucks and tell them that you voted. In return for doing so, Starbucks would award you for voting and give you a free tall cup of coffee. This was a wonderful idea because it not only encouraged voters to go out and vote but also rewarded them for doing so. There was a video posted on their website that made individuals aware of the reward for voting. Also, Starbucks on Twitter had sent out tweets stating this information. One of the most important ways that Starbucks made the public aware of this free cup of coffee opportunity, is to play the same video posted on their website during a commerical break of Saturday Night Live. Because that show has so much effect on the election overall, this was a wonderful marketing strategy.

Another way that Starbucks is involved with their communities is within their project Starbucks V2V. This is an on-line community were their consumers can sign on and discuss things that they personally believe should be taken care of in their local community. This simply allows other users to view different ideas and help out where they live. The customers take this ideas and actually put these community service projects into action. This is getting many Starbucks customers to unite as well as better their community at the same time.

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