The Presidential Debate

Tonight I am currently watching the debate between both of our presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain. I am so excited about this election because this is the first time I am going to vote. Because I am voting in this election, I am very concerned with making an educated decision. I do not want to chose one candidate because my friends or family are voting for them. I want to know a decent amount of information about both people and their policies before I make my decision.
While watching this debate, I found it very interesting how relaxed the environment was. Both Barack and McCain were standing up and walking around while answering the questions. While seeing this, it made me feel like both of these men are more of “real” people. I suppose when viewing them behind a podium, it seems as though they are guarded.  Also, within this debate, it is not very structured. At one point during this debate, McCain asked for more time to answer a rebuttal from Obama and the commentator replied with acceptance to this question. This surprised me because I did not realize that the relationship between the candidates and the commentator was so relaxed. Overall, I was surprised but glad that the structure and position of both candidates were very laid back because I am a young voter and this set-up made me feel more comfortable.
I was very happy with the way that Obama addressed all of his questions tonight. He was very straight forward. I think his appeal to younger voters is obvious. His policies and view are very similar to mine and the way in which he addressed controversial issues influenced and backed up my decision to vote for his in this election. Although, I will continue to watch the other debates and also read more information on BOTH candidates before I make my final decision.

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