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What twitter means to me…

September 30, 2008

For my Corporate Public Relations class, we had an assignment to be an active member of Twitter. If some of you don’t know what Twitter is it is a website that allows its members to write short messages that are 140 characters or less. Before being assigned this for class, I had never heard of this site. While beginning my assignment, I had no idea how to work Twitter, how I could benefit from this account, and why I would even want to be apart of it.

Now, my two week assignment with Twitter is over. I was required to post 10 items of my own personal thoughts and opinions and comment on 2 of my friends. 24 updates later, I think I am finally getting the hang to Twitter and also enjoying it. I never considered the whole aspect of social media when pursuing a career in Public Relations. Now, I definitely see what being an active member of the social media (blogs, twitter, myspace, facebook) can do for a company. I enjoy reading other individuals posts on Twitter whether it be my classmates who are going through the same academic experience as I am or a successful Public Relations practitioner who is evolved with non-profit PR just like I hope I will be one day. Either way, Twitter is a wonderful place to make contacts, keep in touch with friends, and meet new people. There are possible references, internships, and jobs out there (especially in PR!) and using Twitter is one step closer to locating these amazing opportunities.

Now that this assignment is over, Will I continue to be an active member on Twitter? Why not? It’s definitely not hard nor time consuming. There are many times I have information or thoughts I would like to share and this is the perfect place to do it. So, yes- I am keeping my Twitter account and will continue to learn more about this website and the people involved with it!

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